Then and now, we and them

by mandagsrorelsen

We slowly begin to change our relationship with government. Till recent time there was only “we” and “they”. For many years the government of Ukraine was a symbol of corruption and oppression. The majority of Ukrainians didn’t identify themself with the state. Because Ukrainians felt like they served just as a resource for the state, nothing more. Government actions, new laws, innovations in almost one hundred percent of the cases were perceived negatively or at least suspicious by the society. It would be wrong to state that the situation has changed. It will be a long road until civilian organizations begin to control the actions of officials, until all branches of power would be separated and would control each other. But at least we understood that we could effect the actions of government if we are together. “We” could effect “them”. At least many of us for the first time in many years, really begin to listen to what the president says. It not just because it cost us lives of our people, but because our President finally has something to say.

The first thing worth mentioning, when describing the features of the crisis in Ukraine is that Ukrainians have high resistance to crisis. For many years, the word life and the word crisis were synonymous for many of Ukrainians. Of course we are talking exclusively about the economic crisis, but anyway the stable development was just a dream for the people. Therefore, a new milestone in the history of Ukraine was perceived not as the emergence of the crisis, but rather the evolution of the former. We used to survive in daily changes. But if recently every man fought for himself, then now society began to cooperate. In other words, we “make friends against a common enemy.”
Now I often recall the words of the Strugatsky brothers “in our case there is no half-friends. A half-friend is always a half-enemy.” Recently many of us have lost their friends, some died in the fighting, but we lost the others because of disagreements. Crisis, “Maidan”, the war had acted as a litmus for our society, our relationships with each other. It became obvious who will give a helping hand in a difficult situation, and who won’t. Now the man’s response to the question “what is your attitude and your role in this situation,” says about a man more than a hundred of other his words.
We have lost friends …. we have found friends. Among those who supported and helped and stood next to us, and still stands.